Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack Obama is NOT the Messiah!!!

That is what the young intern pastor said at Sunday's 11:00am service.

(I've actually been to church two times this year, more than I have been in the past 2 YEARS, but that's another story for another day!)

This young man got to stand in because the senior pastor was in Washington DC with the big choir to speak and perform at the African American Church Inaugural Ball and the Democratic Ball, celebrating Barack Obama becoming our 44th President.

This young pastor-in-training (Yale) drove in the snow on Sunday from Connecticut in order to deliver his wonderful sermon to stress to black folk that in Jesus Christ alone do we have a helper, advocate, counselor and comforter, not Barack Obama. President Obama is a helper in the White House for those who want help, advocate for those things that will be important for all Americans, counselor in those political arenas where he is Commander in Chief and comforter for his children and family. However, Barack Obama is NOT the Messiah!!

This young man will become better and better with time! I am very proud of his message!

Jesus Christ does not pick and choose who He loves! He does not require letters and politics and many many channels in order to be reached! Our Savior just needs you to call His Name and He will respond AT ONCE!!! Shoot, you don't even have to tell Jesus what you want, He already knows and will give it to you once you take Him into your heart and soul!

So my friends, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the Messiah come to save the black folks and change the way whitey done treated us after all of these years!

My friends, President Obama is the prime example of what ALL of our parents have been saying to us for years and years and years and what we say to our children now and more so every day from now on!

"Look how far education and perserverence can get you! Stay focused and keep striving to be better than me! You can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to do it!"

The Dream is realized and will only stay that way with work from EVERYONE wanting to do what is necessary! Lazy will not longer be tolerated!

Peace and love,


Christina said...

Hard work is the only way!!! ; )

Go B. said...

Great post Charisse!