Monday, April 18, 2011

I Squeemed and I Saw Myself Again!!!

Yesterday (Sunday), I decided to ditch the little girl child and go off by myself.  I went to take back some pants I had bought for her, but honestly, I did not want to take her whining, moody ass with me.  That child is a pain and sometimes I wanna slap the taste out of her mouth.

*Yes your honor, I understand she can no longer taste the candy she consumes, but she so deserved it!

Anyway, so I went to pick up some stuff for ME for a change.  The kids and I are going to Myrtle Beach this coming Friday with my sister and niece, and I have nothing to wear.

*Really, 3 pairs of capris are the only summer clothes I have.  Last year, I wasn't into summer too much.  

I bought myself 4 pairs of flat sandals at the first store for a total of $21.  Nice!!!

I went to Nine West and bought a pair of every day flat shoes and a pair of sexy caramel sandals with a 4-inch heel.  Grand total $28. Score!!!

I went to another store and bought myself one of those fake leather bomber jackets in caramel for $25. Nice again!

I bought myself a nightie with thong and 2 bra & panty sets from another store. Nice indeed!

Then, I went to Fashion to Figure.  Now this store is a plus size fashion store that isn't dark, or crowded and I honestly love the layout.  Very open and inviting.  They carry colorful, trendy clothes that women of different ages can be comfortable in.  At first, I was a little overwhelmed because I have only been in there lately to window shop, because I was broke.  But yesterday, I actually had money to spend.

*We'll talk about how I have no job now but have more disposable cash another time! God is good!

I made my rounds and picked up eight pieces to try on.  Only six are allowed in the dressing room so I kept the others outside.  I tried on everything and I was utterly disappointed in what I saw.  Not in the clothes, but in how sorry I looked in the clothes, in the mirror.  When you don't have a full length mirror at home, you can live in illusion (and denial). Not in the dressing room.  Nuh uh!! That bad boy shows everything, EVERYTHANG!!!! I made myself mad and walked out and only kept one of the dresses I tried on (because it is a maxi dress and shows nothing).

But, instead of leaving the store like normal, I decided to make another round and pick up some other styles. The salesgirl, Imani, had asked me if I wanted to try on this "Squeem" thing and I had said yes, but then she went on break.  I tried on the new picks and liked them better and decided to get them.  Just when I was looking at the jewelry and getting ready to check out, another salesgirl came up and asked if I still wanted to try the "Squeem".  I was hesitant but decided to go in the dressing room one more time.  She got it and put the darned thing on me and then went to get me some dresses to put on with it.  When I tried on those dresses, I looked amazing.  That contraption, of course, is a freaking corset but let me tell you, I looked hot and I haven't seen Hot Charisse in a very long time.  That heifer has been hiding for so long that I had forgotten all about her.

I feel in love with her yesterday and she is getting used to me again.  LOL Long story short, I bought the corset, and other choices, and put a few of those dresses on layaway.  Yeah, that's how good I looked.

A corset helped me see that I can indeed be sexy and stop acting like my days are numbered.  I'm only 40. Sheesh, I've got years of hotness left and I am going to take advantage of them.  Shaun T and I had a good workout today and he is my friend again too.

See, good things do happen when God is working for your good!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh How The Tides Have Turned

Do you know how awesome GOD is?  I hope you do but let me tell you, He is awesome indeed!  He speaks when you are ready to listen and when you do listen, you must heed His word.

For the past 3 months, I have been listening to God and the things I have heard have prepared me for a future that I know will be amazing because I trust Him. You all know that I have been working out but what I didn't get a chance to tell you was how my job situation was.  That place was getting more and more stressful.  I was given 5 new responsibilities in 4 months with little preparation or explanation. I handled them well, but was not given even a "Thank You" or a "Good work".  Add to that a $0.24 raise (yes 24 cents) and you have one unhappy camper in me. Now, let me be the first to tell you that there are times when I totally slacked but when God started telling me to step up my game, I listened.

Here is what I was being told by the Father:

-It's time for a change.
-Work on your appearance, presentation is everything.
-Tie up the loose ends at work so that everything will be organized when you leave.
-If you want a managerial position, you have to act like a manager, so do the work.
-Go back to school.
-The change will take a year.

Now, instead of protesting like I would have done before, I listened.  I started working out and eating better.  I coordinated my wardrobe better. I pulled most of my loose ends at work together and completely reorganized my desk so that I could function better. I revamped my strategy in handling my work and was well on my way to having it 100% good.  But I also knew that the Father was preparing me to leave this place and it happened.  On March 23rd, after coming back from lunch, I was called into the conference room and told that because I had been unable to pull together some of my work, and because I was "unhappy", I was being let go.  Was I surprised?  No because I had been preparing for this.  But let me tell you what happened.  

I COULDN'T HOLD IN THE SMILE!!!!!  I absolutely started smiling and after breezing through the paperwork and verifying my paycheck and the pitiful one week severance, I just asked if I could leave now!  LOL I went to my desk, pulled out my purse, my iPhone charger and a printout of personal stuff I had.  My supervisor of 3 years was standing at my desk looking shell-shocked (I'm not sure she knew if would happen because her reaction was too stunned and she said nothing during the meeting).  I pointed out all of the things I had lined up on my desk that needed to be taken care of and she responded that she didn't think she would be able to get any of it done. (Um, oh well - said in my head :)) I passed her the company card key, gave her a hug and BROKE THE HELL OUT!!! LOL I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I giggled all the way home, praising God and saying alright, I'm ready for whatever you have planned for me!

Over these last 2 weeks, I have been getting my house in order, literally.  I am throwing away unnecessary things, reorganizing and just plain cleaning it up from top to bottom.  I am also bringing new life in with plants because honestly, this place is a dead space. We haven't been here a year yet but I know this is only a temporary space and have been treating it as such. I am now making it more comfortable in preparation for the new place that we will be blessed with, in God's time. 

Most importantly though, this is the time I need to get back to what makes me ME! I have not been connected to myself in quite a while and so now is the time.  I have been blessed that this man is still in my life and able to handle the rent and extras.  My unemployment is kicking in and my children are healthy.  What more can I ask for that I don't already have or need?  Nothing.  

So the tides have turned in my favor and will bring in more and more blessings!  I am sure of it!


Monday, February 28, 2011

I made it through week 1

Today is Day 1, Week 2. It involves more of the Hip Hop Abs with only 2 days of Taebo. I know I have lost inches but that darned scale hasn't moved. I won't stress it though, because I know better. I will keep doing what I have been doing and look forward to seeing results.

I did TaeBo 1 and Fat Burning Cardio today. I admit that I didnt go full force because I was worried about my son, who came home sick from visiting his dad. When I woke him up for school, he was burning with fever. Needless to say, he is home. Then baby girl woke up and she wasnt feeling very well either, after coming home from her dad's house too. We did get out of the door but I turned her around and sent her back to bed. So I will be here at work for only another hour or so, then I will go home to tend to my babies.

After I tend to them, I will get some spring cleaning done. I started some but there are other things that need to be addressed. Nothing like a clean house, and burning calories while I'm at it.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day - Week 1, Day 5

Day 5 is a great day. My Love drove me to work today, which means he also has to pick me up! :) I like.

I did TB1 and FBC today and worked up a sweat doing both. During one of the Taebo moves, the crook of my right arm gets sweaty and makes a suction noise while I'm bending my arm. I think it's funny. I also know I will miss that noise because soon the fat will be gone. I'm not trying to get bony by any means, but the extra on top of the healthy fat is what has to go! I'm working on it!

taken in the M&M store, April 2008.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm On a New Mission

Hey y'all. I'm gonna get straight to the point. I'm on a new mission to tackle the big thing I have been afraid of for a very long time! My FAT ASS! Yeah, it's time. Time to get rid of this weight for real, and for good. I don't want to be on the destructive path of self-doubt, depression, anxiety again. It's too much and such a waste of life!

I am tracking my intake at Spark People and figured since I'm doing the blog there, just do it in both places! So welcome to my life, right now! I will do the weight loss tracking and I will also do my art and my everyday! Why not, right?

So here is the catch up: I just started on Monday, February 21, 2011. I am right now on a 4-week schedule doing an old school TaeBo Basic 1 & 2 DVD and Hip Hop Abs. I am following the Hip Hops Abs schedule and adding the TaeBo to make sure I am doing an hour everyday for the four weeks. Today is Day 3.

Day 1:
Taebo 1 - done
Hip Hop Abs - Fat Burning Cardio - done
I can and will do this!!!

Day 2:
TaeBo 1 and Fat Burning Cardio - done

Day 3:
In the evening on Day 2, I got home from work and my son was playing video games in the livingroom. I told him that I had been working out and he said, to paraphrase, "It doesn't matter. You're gonna quit anyway!" WOW, you know. But he was absolutely right. There is no way around, over, under it. All that is left for me to do is get through it. And I will. I told him that I needed him to believe in me, to be positive for me, and told him to tell me "You can do it!" He mumbled it a couple of times but it eventually came out clear. Then I started doing the whole "Do you really think I can do it? blah blah blah" crap that I do and do you know what he did? The boy SHUSHED ME! HE SHUSHED ME! Like he was Richie! That was hilarious! I couldn't do anything but laugh!

Yesterday, also, Richie and I were talking on the phone and he mentioned that he noticed that I had lost weight the other day when I undressed. Nice, he noticed! Me likey :)

This morning, Day 3, I got up and did TB1 and Ab Sculpt. That damned Shaun T lied when he said you didnt have to get on the floor to do his workouts. But it was fine. I managed and did everything sufficiently. Practice makes muscle! :)

That's all for now! Talk to you later!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


WOW, it's been a long time since I posted anything here!  I am SURE no one is still around but I will post anyway! 

Things are great! Life is great. God is AWESOME!

I like how I look in this picture. Alive and enjoying life!

So what's good with you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Random

I didn't have any deodorant to put on today.  I will rectify that right after work.

I want a career change.  I've prayed on it and will update my resume this week.

I painted on canvas for the first time in months this past weekend.  I missed it so.

I love my iPhone and want to upgrade to the 3Gs.  I will not get #4. Too many problems.

My son broke my camera this summer.  I am sad about it.

But I will get the new Nikon CoolPix 4000 something.  Yes I will!

I am still decorating my house but I am in no rush.

I ordered Hip Hop Abs because I wanna have fun in the AM with Shaun T.

Yes, I really ordered it.  I can't wait to start.

I wanna quit my job and recharge for a few months but I can't.

I need to go back to school but really can't afford it.

This may sound bad to some, but I finally blasted into my oldest daughter and it felt good to finally let it out.

I have prayed and will continue to do so and speak to God about the next steps in that situation.

God is awesome and I am so glad He loves me!

I miss you all!  That is who all is still checking my blog to see if I post before they delete me altogether!