Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shorty Wop, Mr. Spinks & The Camel

So I got 3 Baby Daddies, right and they all have their own individual, personalized nicknames, but collectively they are know as "THE THREE STOOGES"!! Each actually personifies Moe, Larry and Curly too so it is kind of funny!

Like most girls, I never imagined I would have more than one father for my children but you know what, GOD's plan is what you follow when have all the facts!!! I know that now! I was in a long term relationship with two out of the three of them and so it wasnt one of those "mistakes" when I got pregnant. Each is happy for their child but Lord knows, you wouldn't know from their actions sometimes.

Mr. Spinks/Curly is the oldest one's father and he is quite the character. We met in '87 and had a tumultuous relationship that produced the Ms. Diva. Now, let me tell you, this man is not the best looking man. I mean, I thought he was good looking in his own way, but he was Far from "FINE". For example, when we were young, he got mistaken for Michael Spinks at a restaurant, and we got free food! Yeah, Spinks, as in the professional boxer, as in ugly! At the time he was very fit and muscular but now, he looks just like Curly (round and fat). LOL Anyway, Mr. Spinks was physically abusive and a serious cheater. Good combination, right? The man gave me a black eye when I was 6 months pregnant and was cheating on me with my co-worker. Uh, yeah, I made bad choices. Rihanna, can we talk? However, when Ms. Diva came, that was the ultimate catalyst for the end of our relationship. He decided to put his hands on me after I had warned him that it better not happen again. He even hit me while I was holding 5 month old Ms. Diva in my arms. I just took the hits and whispered in her ears that we wouldnt have to deal with it much longer. Ugghhh, yeah, just got a flashback but you know what? Once he left that day, he never came back! He has taken me to court over and over for visitation that he didnt show up for and currently owes me over $32K in back child support. But Ms. Diva is almost 17, beautiful and loved and that is all that matters.

The Camel/Larry was really good looking (6'3" tall, honey toned, about 210 pounds at the time), and we had one of those "in and out" relationships where he is into me for a few weeks, then disappears for a month and then shows up like no time passed. Yeah, craziness. I found out that he was out hustling, travelling state to state selling pharmaceuticals. Stupid ass! We had (and still have) this authentic and very real connection to each other, like we were meant to be in each other's lives, no matter what. We did the back and forth and I didnt really worry about him with other women but not spending real time together and him disappearing was really frustrating to me and I broke up with him at least twice that I remember. I ended up pregnant though and was going to get an abortion. I told The Camel and he came rushing to my momma's house and cried and begged me not to get rid of his baby! He promised to be there for me, not to disappear, to take care of me and like an ass, I believed him!!! Yeah, I believed him and our Poppa is going on 14 years old! The Camel is in and out of our lives as usual, but there is no doubt that he loves and adores his son (and holds an extra sweet spot for me). He is just as dense as Larry but his heart is in the right place, when he gets past the drama with his wifey! LOL Poor thing! Should have stuck around with me!

Shorty Wop/Moe was the one I ended up marrying and am getting ready to divorce. Why? Well the facade of leadership and strong personality was convincing for a while and I believed wholeheartedly. At the end though, he was dumber and denser than the other two but put up a really good front. He cheated, he lied, he manipulated, and together we created Little Momma, the baby. Our relationship was filled with all his other baby mamas and all the darned kids, and his BS but while he was with me, everyone was taken care of and he doted on all of the kids. Now that he is gone and still in denial about how bad things were, he does NOTHING for the kids and hasnt given me a dime in almost 2 years. His money was contingent on us being together, so nothing! That's alright though, 'cause Little Momma doesnt even ask about going to see him as much as she used to and is coming into her own. His loss, my gain!

So that's the story of Charisse and the Three Stooges for today and maybe one day, I will tell you about my life with Shemp aka My Best Friend's Brother aka The Man I am with now!

Peace and love!


Charisse said...


Ranjini said...

Charisse, thought I would stop in and peek at your blog. Can I say how amazing and strong you are, and I know I would have done the same for my child too. Your story moved me to tears. Kudos to you for finding the inner strength and courage to protect yourself and your child. Much love and blessings,

Christina said...

I am over here in tears. I admire you for being so brave and sharing your words with us here.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Wow this post already have you a warm spot on my blog roll. Crazy I dated a guy like Mr. Camel I still don't know where he disappears for weeks or months at a time. Craziness.


Anonymous said...

OH..see there I go forgetting half of my comment. I'm glad you did the right thing for you and Ms. Diva.


mademoisellechitchat said...

Charisse: Please tell me that you got one slap in on Mr. Spinx. I do hope that he has received his "just desserts."

Happy FRIDAY!!!

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