Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey Y'all....Long time no see...Aint he FINE????

I got a bunch of random stuff to talk about today...

-The trip to ATL ended up being extremely fun and happy time because we celebrated Love's mom's life! She was a fun woman and so her children and extended family had fun instead of wallowing in sorrow. The services were all held in Macon and we got together at Love's uncle's house to celebrate! Then we all went back to ATL and Love and I house-hopped to make sure we had everybody covered. The only downside was that Love was so overcome with emotion and pain when he saw his mom for the first time in the chapel that he punched the wall. His strong hand was no match for the brick, mortar and touch of asbestos in that old Macon funeral home. It swelled up, turned colors and everything. He went to the dr. when we got back to NY and they claim it isnt broken but wanted to wait until the swelling went down to exam it again. It is almost back to normal size and color, but still hurts. I can't wait until he takes x-rays.

-My oldest, Diva, has done what she wants to do and will continue to do so no matter what. She sent me a nasty email disowning me and disrespecting me, then posted a disrespectful note on my Facebook wall. I just responded to both by telling her that I love her and hope all is well with her. Her father was supposed to take over and do some stuff but it doesnt seem that way. He doesnt like to share things with me, and so I only know what I happen to find out here and there. I see that her little missives to me are actually very informative so I take them with a grain of salt and try to look for the good in them. At least I know she is alive! I figure that I will get served with some papers soon from her father, for either ceasing child support since she doesnt live with me, and/or custody. Either way he will lose so I am not worried.

-Love's daughter, Miss Missy, and my youngest, Little Momma, both had dance recitals this past week! They did so very well and I am so proud of both of them! I used to dance when I was younger too. I even went to the Dance Theater of Harlem for a summer when I was 13. I miss dancing and keep saying that I want to get back into it! I need to get off my ba-dunk and do it!

-Love and I like to get out early in the morning and spend quality time together, just talking and connecting to each other, getting coffee and sorting out our days. I feel that it is the most important thing we do to maintain our relationship with each other and I wouldnt trade it for another hour or so of sleep, as much as I may complain inside about really wanting to sleep later. LOL

-While on a morning run in ATL after borrowing his sister's car, I had this feeling, in my left ring finger. A feeling like I needed to have something on that finger and in my mind, I heard "someone" telling me that I needed to get that divorce that I have been putting off. The feeling was very strange, almost real, like a ring was actually on my finger and then having those words go through my head, it was very surreal. I later told Love that I would be work on getting the papers together so that I could be free from the ex (Moe) by the end of the year. Love smiled but didnt say a word. I told him that just in case he decided to propose to me when we hit 20 years together, I wanted to make sure I was free! LOL

Ok, that's it for right now y'all.

Peace and love..


Adrienne said...

Glad you had a good trip! y'all look so happy!

Christina said...

So glad the trip was an uplifting time. 20 years huh? No wonder you look so sweet together. : )

PS: Headed to the post office this weekend. I didn't forget, sweetie. The oldest is graduating 8th grade. Wow, what a busy time. ; )

mademoisellechitchat said...

Wonderful pic!

I will keep you in my prayers RE: your daughter.