Friday, June 5, 2009

Online Friends are the BEST!!!

So I got home from work last night and went about making my way from dropping groceries on the counter in the kitchen to saying hi to the kids, to saying hi to the dog and then going into the bedroom to change my clothes. I stop in the living room to turn on some music on the computer and notice a package addressed to me on the desk. I look at it and S M I L E because the return address is that of my "online" friend, the lovely Ms. Christina! I love that the mailing label says 'Christina Martin Photography" 'cause my girl is a SLAMMING photographer! Anyhoo, I open the package and see a beautiful journal notebook with cool graph paper inside and the outside reads "Be the change you wish to see in the world"! I love that quote! Then I see a card with a beautiful picture on the front and a handwritten little note on the inside from my girl! Just as I am about to sit and read the card again, I notice a red plastic bag at the bottom of the mailing envelope. Inside is the prettiest beaded bracelet with my favorite colors of peach, pink and brown to blend with my skintone and it fits my wrist perfectly without pinching! That's the absolute best part. Why?? Because even with thousands of miles separating us, from Milwaukee to The Bronx, Christina knows....
We fluffy girls like to wear pretty things too!

Thank you so much, Christina!!!


Christina said...

You are very welcome sweetheart.
Do you know I looked at beads, until I found the perfect ones to match your skin tones, to the pictures I have seen??
And of course the pinch test had to be done. That's what friends are for! ; )

SE'LAH... said...

How wonderful to have Christina as a friend. She's a real joy. You sound so happy. Unexpected gifts from friends is where it's at. Great post.

margie said...

isn't that something!!! last night my mail arrived with a parcel from christina for me! what a joy.

rochambeau said...

Oh how lucky!
Christina IS a special soul!