Thursday, February 18, 2010

I took a break...

and forgot to let you guys know.  Sorry.  Things have been good lately.  I got a car!  Yay!  Her name is Hazel and she is a 1994 Toyota Camry.  She is ol' skool and funky like me, and I am beside myself with joy!  It is taking a little getting used to since I have been riding EVERYWHERE with Love for the past 6 months.  He was super excited about not having to drive me and pick me up now, and not going to miss me and all of the BS!  Yeah right!  Since I have been driving, he calls me at work j u s t before I am getting off and keeps me on the phone as long as possible, so he can track my ass!  I am hip to it!  I ain't no fool!  No, no, my man, you will not pin me down!  LOL  I think it's cute though, and funny as hell!  Men are so stupid sometimes!

And then they can be so very sweet and awesome and great!  This is what I came home to one day last week.  No, it was before Valentine's Day and just sitting on the bed, waiting for me to come home!  Love bought her to replace the simple white piggy bank I have on my nightstand.  She does look better there than the other one, but I can't let go of the other one, so I have both there!  Silly of me, yes I know!

So, you know I live in the northeast and we got hit big time with the snow.  There were two storms and the Bronx was missed with the first one, but the second one definitely made up for it!  This is what came down the other day and I have to say, I love it.  I live in the 'hood and there are good and bad points to it, especially in the projects.  But when everything is covered and the trees are all puffy and light looking, I imagine this is Main Street USA with the super friendly and helpful neighbors and all that stuff you see on TV.  It definitely warms my heart and makes me think of innocence and being a child again!

On March 6th, I am going to a pole party.  What is a pole party, you say?  Well, I had to ask the same thing and when I was told it is where you learn how to entertain your man and work the pole, ala strip club, I was like, "I wanna go!"  Add to that food and drinks, and I am ready!  I'll let you know how that goes, for sure!

That's all for now.  Hope you all are doing well and putting a little bit of spice in your own lives!
Love ya, Charisse!


Adrienne said...

Congrats on Hazel!!!!!!!! I love your profile pic! I see BG! LOL

Christina said...

my son would love to play on that court. : ) i love your new piggy. and uhem... enjoy that party. lol