Monday, April 18, 2011

I Squeemed and I Saw Myself Again!!!

Yesterday (Sunday), I decided to ditch the little girl child and go off by myself.  I went to take back some pants I had bought for her, but honestly, I did not want to take her whining, moody ass with me.  That child is a pain and sometimes I wanna slap the taste out of her mouth.

*Yes your honor, I understand she can no longer taste the candy she consumes, but she so deserved it!

Anyway, so I went to pick up some stuff for ME for a change.  The kids and I are going to Myrtle Beach this coming Friday with my sister and niece, and I have nothing to wear.

*Really, 3 pairs of capris are the only summer clothes I have.  Last year, I wasn't into summer too much.  

I bought myself 4 pairs of flat sandals at the first store for a total of $21.  Nice!!!

I went to Nine West and bought a pair of every day flat shoes and a pair of sexy caramel sandals with a 4-inch heel.  Grand total $28. Score!!!

I went to another store and bought myself one of those fake leather bomber jackets in caramel for $25. Nice again!

I bought myself a nightie with thong and 2 bra & panty sets from another store. Nice indeed!

Then, I went to Fashion to Figure.  Now this store is a plus size fashion store that isn't dark, or crowded and I honestly love the layout.  Very open and inviting.  They carry colorful, trendy clothes that women of different ages can be comfortable in.  At first, I was a little overwhelmed because I have only been in there lately to window shop, because I was broke.  But yesterday, I actually had money to spend.

*We'll talk about how I have no job now but have more disposable cash another time! God is good!

I made my rounds and picked up eight pieces to try on.  Only six are allowed in the dressing room so I kept the others outside.  I tried on everything and I was utterly disappointed in what I saw.  Not in the clothes, but in how sorry I looked in the clothes, in the mirror.  When you don't have a full length mirror at home, you can live in illusion (and denial). Not in the dressing room.  Nuh uh!! That bad boy shows everything, EVERYTHANG!!!! I made myself mad and walked out and only kept one of the dresses I tried on (because it is a maxi dress and shows nothing).

But, instead of leaving the store like normal, I decided to make another round and pick up some other styles. The salesgirl, Imani, had asked me if I wanted to try on this "Squeem" thing and I had said yes, but then she went on break.  I tried on the new picks and liked them better and decided to get them.  Just when I was looking at the jewelry and getting ready to check out, another salesgirl came up and asked if I still wanted to try the "Squeem".  I was hesitant but decided to go in the dressing room one more time.  She got it and put the darned thing on me and then went to get me some dresses to put on with it.  When I tried on those dresses, I looked amazing.  That contraption, of course, is a freaking corset but let me tell you, I looked hot and I haven't seen Hot Charisse in a very long time.  That heifer has been hiding for so long that I had forgotten all about her.

I feel in love with her yesterday and she is getting used to me again.  LOL Long story short, I bought the corset, and other choices, and put a few of those dresses on layaway.  Yeah, that's how good I looked.

A corset helped me see that I can indeed be sexy and stop acting like my days are numbered.  I'm only 40. Sheesh, I've got years of hotness left and I am going to take advantage of them.  Shaun T and I had a good workout today and he is my friend again too.

See, good things do happen when God is working for your good!



Brown English Muffin said...

Can't wait to see pics!!!!

Christina said...

i miss you too, my dear sister friend.