Monday, November 17, 2008

This Thanksgiving, Don't Forget That Special Friend!

I don't know about you but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yes, I'm serious. I am not crazy about Christmas in its commercial capacity at all. The whole hyped up ritual of wrapping presents that you spent a lot of money on, that the kids will play with for about an hour and then they are "bored". Uh, no, not my favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving because it is involves what I love most, getting together with loved ones. I love having people come over to my house and spent time with me and mine. I get up early and cook all morning. Turkey, ham, stuffing, mac & cheese, collard greens, lasagne or baked ziti, and peach cobbler are a definite in my kitchen. Then I add in different things depending on my mood. Maybe some potato salad and a tossed green salad. Maybe a cake and a pie. It depends but I just love being able to show the people I love and care about what they mean to me.

The funny thing is that I don't have a lot of friends. I really don't. I don't have company come over and people rarely call me. Yeah, I know it sounds sad and unbelievable, but it is very true. I am one of those friends you have that you know she will "always be there" for you, but you forget to call her when you do a last minute get-together with all of your other girlfriends.

You know the one I am talking about.

The one you call and tell how good a time you had with all the girls and she says to you, "Well, why didnt you call me? I would have loved to go!"
(um-hum, don't get quiet now)

Or how about this, you need to know how to make something, or need to go over the details of the party you are planning and she is helping you with, or you need to vent about your problems and call her in the late night or early morning, knowing that she will listen to you and not judge you or make you feel bad about that mess you got yourself into. She brainstorms with you to get a resolution, you hang up, you take care of your issues, make everything right and then you don't call her to tell her "thank you" because you got caught up in something else and "forgot".

Yeah, I am that girlfriend.

I don't know what it is exactly that makes me that friend, but I have found myself asking "why didn't you call me" way more times than I want to remember. I have always been the reliable, faithful friend. It's just part of my character. It won't change, but I have grown up a lot so I don't get taken advantage of any longer.

As that friend, let me tell you some things:
1. When I invite you over to my house, I am looking for some of the love I have given to you in return.
I might be going through something.

2. When I call you to ask about what's going on in your life, sometimes I really would like you to say "nothing" and ask me about me for a change.
I might be going through something.

3. When you call to ask me that favor, ask me more than once if there is something I may need you to do for me, even if I deny it at first.
I might be going through something.

4. When I call and you see my number on the caller-id and decide "she can leave a message" and then you don't return my call.
I might be going through something.

Love your friends, ALL of them but especially that one you can ALWAYS depend on, who is the one that comes to ALL of your functions, who remembers ALL of your kids' birthdays, and yours and your husband's, who you wake up out of her sleep and ask her opinion about whatever............ because at the end of the day, when all of those other girlfriends, and messed up men are looking for a way to break you down and you feel the devil is on your back, and it's so bad you decide you are gonna come to my house this time.......................

You will find out that I moved two years ago and changed my phone number 6 months ago!! (that's why i invited you over and left a message for you to call me back)

Don't take your friends for granted!



Christina said...

You are speaking to me, in this post. I am that friend too. I guess I have been forgotten by those who I have always been there for. One in particular- but I always knew she wasn't shi*

I love the small group of friends I have. Small is good, when it comes to those you can trust.

Hey friend! How are you doing today?

PS: That menu is to die for, is that your adorable kitchen??

; )

Adrienne said...

AMEN! Great post girl!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what an awesome post. I find myself being "that friend" too. ESPECIALLY on this birthday. And having said that, I'd like to thank you SOOOO much for stopping by my blog and wishing me a Happy Birthday.

I've never been to your blog before, and I don't think I've ever seen you as a visitor to mine. I hope that changes...for both of us.

Thank you again and have an awesome day. I will now. Take care.

RealHustla said...

There are more of us out there than you think. Except now I've turned into that "please don't call me with your problems" friend.

My family lives an hour and a half away, but stay complaining about where the holidays should be. I've told them they're always welcome at my house, but they too lazy and I stopped inviting them. They just didn't get that I needed to host the holidays sometimes too. Guess I was inconveniencing them with the drive.

Pajnstl said...

I try not to take my friends for granted. They are closer to me than my family.

hope this year things will be different for you