Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our New President

I voted for that MAN in my banner at 6:30 this morning. Lucky for me, the polls were right down stairs in my building. After I finished my morning routine, I put on my comfy sweatpants, a simple shirt and my Croc flip flops. I walked to the door, with my little Rose following me to the door (Rose is my new puppy who I will introduce to you all later).

I walked out the door, locked it behind me 'cause I do live in the projects, walked to the stairs and walked down from the 3rd floor to the first floor. I walked out of the lobby, made a sharp right and greeted the 3 people standing outside the doorway with "Good Wonderful Morning". They greeted me back.

I walked in and saw the older ladies of the neighborhood, sitting at the table, with their name tags on, checking the book of registered voters. I said good morning to them with a wonderful smile and they returned the love. They asked me my name, looked for it in the book, found it and said "Charisse, sign right here". With no hesitation, I reached for the book and then I paused for a second to look at how beautiful my name looked in this book that permitted me to make a choice for my future and the future of my children, my friends, my extended family and for this COUNTRY, not just black folk.

After I signed, one of the ladies handed me a card and told me to go to machine number two. I walked to it, handed a young girl (one of the ladies' daughter) my card and pulled back the curtain.

Once inside, I stopped and looked at what was before me. Rows of names under party names other than Democrat and Republican. I saw Cynthia McKinney's name and although I would have loved to vote for her, I bet that she isnt even voting for HERSELF on this miraculous day!

The choice was easy really, all row A. I mean how hard was it? I didn't know anything about the court justices, but I decided to just do "row A all the way!" I pulled the red lever to the right, flipped the buttons in row A to make the X mark the spot and once I was satisfied, I looked at the top name again. Barack Obama with Biden underneath it. My heart swelled a little bit and then I flipped that red lever back to the left, the whole while, watching the X disappear from the names I just picked. Instantly, I felt a little sadness and apprehension of whether it would be recorded correctly. My heart got sad seeing those Xs disappear but I stepped out of that polling machine with pride in my heart and on my face. I wished everyone standing around a wonderful day and went back upstairs to my home, and my children, and my little puppy.

Since there is no school today, the kids are staying home. While I was putting my mascara on in the bathroom, my baby girl came in to handle her business. She was watching me, as all little girls watch their mothers, recording me into her memory for those flashbacks moments when she remembers something simple about her mommy. I saw her with my peripheral vision and felt her in my heart. I thought to myself that this is a historic moment and I need to share it with her so I said, while she is still watching me, "I went downstairs and voted this morning." She said "You did? What time?" I said, "6:30". She didnt ask anything else because she already knew who I was voting for. Barack Obama Even at 9 years old, she knows the deal.

So here I am at work, browsing the internet and I just find out that Mr. Obama's grandmother passed yesterday. Am I sad for his loss? Yes, but just a little bit.

I am much more emotional knowing that she decided to go home yesterday, the day before the election that WILL make her grandson the next President of the United States, because her work was done here on this Earth and that she was needed with our Heavenly Father, as the final link of the past in Mr. Obama's life, to make way for his wonderful, incredible, world-changing future.

Rest in peace to his grandmother, grandfather, mother and father.

Rest in peace to my mother, my father, my grandparents and my girlfriend Songy who died last year at age 34.

Rest in peace Dr. King, Mrs. King, Ms. King, Brother Minister Malcolm, Sister Betty, Mr. Marcus Garvey, Mrs. Parks, Chief Justice Marshall and all of our ancestors who fought for our future.

Rest, finally, in peace knowing that this day has indeed come! I am so proud of ALL of you.

We will have a nigger/colored/black/Afro-American/African American President tomorrow morning, November 5, 2008.

Say it with me.....
President Barack H. Obama
like a song on my heart



Pajnstl said...

i cast my vote this morning! can hardly wait to see the final results!

Christina said...

I will try and post my comment again. ; (

This is poetry Charisse! Rest in peace to all those who have paved the way for us and now reside in glory.

Voted early!

Go Obama!

Adrienne said...

Girl I voted for that same man!!!!! LOVE HIM! IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!

Sasha said...