Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I started scrapbooking in January 2005 after my last girlfriend in NYC moved to North Carolina and my then-husband told me that I needed to get a hobby because he wasnt going to keep me company. Yeah, wow! Despite the insensitivity, it was the best thing he could have said to me because I now have my artistic ventures and he was sent to his momma's house with what he came with, a plastic bag!!! (Kick Rocks Loser!!)

Anyway, thus began my love of paper. Scrapbooking papers are simply delicious! You just can't get enough of the colors, the designs, the textures, the countless coordinating combinations! I love it all! My first love was Basic Grey paper and I continue to love their unusual combinations and layers of color and pattern on each page. I also love old letter-type papers, like weathered advertisements and long lost love letters. There is a paper for each person out there, for each particular style a person may love.

My new love is Graphic 45's Fashionista and Communique lines. I love the bold colors and the vintage images! They are so vibrant and yummy! Me and Sassy Sasha got it bad! I ordered only one sheet of the Fashionista paper to see how good the color would be and I am stuck! They are so delicious! So now, I have to buy more!

Just wanted to let you all know just a little bit more about my hobbies, although with this one, I should be called more of a scrap paper hoarder than a scrapbooker!



Adrienne said...

Girl I hear you! LOL I collect supplies too!

Christina said...

I am the same way! collecting the papers. I need to start scrapping more. 7 gypsies is my all time love. Basic Grey not far behind.

"Kick Rocks Loser" Honestly, it's not a wonder I love ya, like I do! Dying lol This made my day!

Brown English Muffin said...

hmm I think you found me via Adrienne's blog and the whole scrapbooking love!!! And there was I thinking there weren't any African American scrappers in NY!! Yay!!!