Thursday, April 2, 2009

Layoffs Suck!!

No, I didnt get laid off,
but you couldn't tell me that I wasnt on that list this morning. It came as a total surprise this morning that people were getting laid off to begin with. It didnt matter if you were there 7 years or 1 year, cutbacks affect everyone. A total of 9 people got laid off today and it was sad to see 2 of my lunch buddies go. There had been a lot of closed door meetings going on but none of the "indians" knew the details. It finally culminated with today, from the Chief Operating Officer to the receptionist. Nine lives were affected greatly today and it was so totally sad.

There, but for the Grace of My Heavenly Father, go I.

Y'all know darned well that I was on my best behavior today, filing all my stuff away, organizing things and all that! I was so shook though. I just KNEW they were going to call my name!!! We lost one person in my dept, which was amazing.

In the afternoon, the whole company was called to a meeting to discuss the day's events. The little perk we get each morning of bagels and pastries? GONE!! The snacks and special flavored coffee? GONE!!

The biggest change will be hours being cut during a fifteen week period in the summer. Everyone in the company will work and only get paid for 32 hours. Thirty two hours of the 40 we normally work. Some people were upset but you know what? Thirty-two is just fine with me! It means I still have a job. It means I will still be able to put food on the table for my family. It also means that I will be able to enjoy the summer without having to take any vacation days and that means a lot.

So, I am counting my blessings and keeping my head to the sky! I am grateful!



glorv1 said...

Congratulations. It is very scary about the layoffs that are going on. I don't work, my husband does. You wonder if and when it will affect you. Thx for sharing your thoughts. Enjoy the summer. I come via Catboxartist blog. Take care.

Christina said...

It's a shame this is going on. Prayers for you that you didn't get laid off. Prayers for the families who's lives were changed.

God bless, my friend.

SE'LAH... said...

More prayers sent up. Wow.