Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Mommy, It's Your Birthday......

Yup, it's my birthday!!! 
I am celebrating the 10th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday! 
Do the math.  I'll wait.......
Got it?  Yeah, I thought you would!  LOL 

Thank you in advance for the birthday wishes.

Last night, the kids were acting mighty suspicious but I left them alone to do the things they needed to do.  I was actually grateful for a little time alone while I cooked dinner.  Love called me to tell me he was picking up the kids and so I knew there were surprises to be had today.

This morning, I get a text message from Love saying Happy Birthday.  Then he comes over and gives me a large canvas (24" x 48") to paint on.  I had dropped a hint that it was something I wanted a couple of months ago.  Nice to know he listens : )  I can't wait to just go crazy with it and create something with my heart. I intend to make something to go on the wall over my bed or my dresser.

When the kids get up, I am told to go into my room and finish getting dressed.  Then they come in with Little Momma first handing me a card.  It is so sweet and one of those pop-up cards, which I love!  I notice that my son is holding an AT&T bag with a bow on it.  He hands it to me and I look at it funny because it is flat.  LOL  I look inside anyway and find a receipt, which Love quickly takes from me, saying "No, not that.  Look again!"  I open the bag all the way this time and find two AT&T gifts cards, $100 & $25.  Little Momma says, "That's for your iPhone!"  WHATTTT????  Talk about shocked!!! Love says that they tried to buy the phone for me at the store but couldn't because the account holder has to buy it!  That is enough money to buy the 8G one and an accessory!  I feel so special!!!  It is one of those things that I said I wanted but then was like, "What would I do with it? I don't talk to that many people."  But now, I will be doing more research on exactly what I CAN do with it and go pick it up by the end of the week!  Y'all need to email me your phone numbers and stuff 'cause I am gonna call you from my new phone when I get it!  LOL

I think I may add the extra $75 and get the 16G because it is the newest one!

At work, I got a cake in the conference from some of my coworkers and that is always fun! 

On Facebook, I got a BUNCH of birthday wishes and I am hoping they havent stopped yet!  The day isnt over until midnight, you know!  I love birthday wishes!  They make me VERY HAPPY!!!

I don't know what tonight will hold but I am grateful for so much anyway that I am sure just sitting on the couch, watching TV with the kids will be perfect!

Love should be here in a little bit to take me home so I can spend the rest of my "born-day" with my loved ones. Maybe some more cake, a little ice cream, a bunch of hugs and kisses and more research online about the iPhone!  LOL

Have a happy y'all, I know I am.


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little late but,


Anonymous said...

Many Happy Returns!
I loved reading about your special day although I failed miserably to work out your age. I used my fingers and toes but counting isn't my strong point. I'm not sure how I stumbled here but what a lovely blog you have!

SincerelyGo said...

I missed your birthday? Crap..Well Happy Birthday anyways! Well your IPHONE can twitter! LOL get on there girl..LOL



Christina said...

an iphone!!! yipppee! so glad your day went well. i thought about you often. you are just beautiful! i want to see what you do with that canvas, hell, i want you to paint on a big canvas, for me! lmao have fun with it, and swirl those colors, like the brilliant artist you are.
ps: ima need your addy again ; )

Brown English Muffin said...

hey happy belated....I see we are both Libra's!!! So lets see the new iphone then!!! I'm waiting for Verizon or someone else to get the iphone then I'll get one...I hate the monopoly that At&T has on it right now.