Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Monday.....

How are y'all this morning?  I am good and blessed.  Here is a recap of my weekend....

-Morgan State beat Winston-Salem in overtime.  It was a good game.

-The Bands are the BOMB!!! I loved all the music and the choreography!

-I didnt know that so many people hang out in the parking lot, as many who were inside, were outside!  LOL

-I only saw one fool walking around with a huge hat and a WWE wrestling belt.  Not too much foolishness out there.  I was disappointed!!!

-I ran into relatives of the ex-hubby (Moe), who were all too happy to take pictures of me and Love to rub in Moe's face later.  These are grown men too!  They are worse than women!

-I spent the night at Love's place on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, about 7am, there was a knock on the door....then another knock.  Hmm, who could it be?  Parole officer or a woman?  I say woman.  So I look out the window and see girlfriend walking to her car while Love goes out the front door.  She gets out of the car when she spots him and I get dressed and walk out there, straight to where they are standing.  I ask "What is this?", to which Love says to her, "This is Charisse".  She says hello and looks to Love like he is going to save her from something.  I ask again, "What is this?" and Love tells her he will call her later.  She starts walking to her car and I say........ ('cause I am Charisse and ain't no F-ing slouch),

"Won't you come on in?  You drove all this way.  Come on inside!"   

Love leads me away gently and asks me to not cause a scene in front of his house. 

She is the one who he had been spending time with since July.  She took him shopping and gave him money to buy the necessities for his room and bought his big screen tv for him.  Yeah.....I know.  Sugar mama.  He told me that he hadn't spoken to her in almost 2 weeks, has not been answering or returning her phone calls.  I can believe it because he has been around me so much and a woman won't just show up like that unless she has a real reason to.  He claims he is glad that now he is rid of her.  I say, whatever! Of course, I cursed him out and let him know that I will NOT be a part of the game playing because it is too much of an emotional drain to go through, on top of what I have already gone through.  I had already stopped calling him and started pulling away.  He, of course, has latched on tighter to me in a way but I am proud to say that I have NOT spazzed out because of him and I don't want to.  I have chosen to keep myself a bit removed from the drama that is going on. 

So, it was a crazy day!

-Sunday was peaceful.  I cooked ribs, collard greens and yellow rice and it was good, of course! 

That's it for now.  Talk to you later!


Go said...

I don't understand how people can be inconsiderate and bring peoples feelings and sometime safety into their selfishness.

I just hope he or you make a decision that will work for the both of you! *hugs*! If it was me...I'd be done but its you, your heart and your life! I just wish you well!



Christina said...

I at least hope them ribs were good! Ya know, I love you. Always thinking of ya.
: )

Adrienne said...

Girl I'm hitting up my first game this weekend! CAN NOT WAIT!!! lol