Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Liars, Thieves and a Child's Heartbreak

Let's get right to it, shall we?

My oldest daughter saw my youngest daughter at the ex's house over the holiday weekend and tricked her into giving up her housekeys on the promise of new clothes.  The ex found out and instead of taking the keys away, he made the oldest promise not to do anything "crazy." 

Um, who was it that said if you have to tell someone don't do something, you know they WILL do it?

Anywho.  So, the oldest comes to my house with her girlfriend and proceeds to STEAL clothes, shoes, boots, money, a camera and most of my handbags.  She leaves the keys under the youngest's pillow as promised and proceeded to walk out of the building, carrying 2 large bags of stolen goods, and right past Love with a snide remark, who doesnt realize what has happened until we both get home later that night and put 2+2 together!

How do you deal with a 10 year old little girl who loves the ground her big sister walks on and now has her heart shattered by lies?  How do you deal with a 17 year old woman who thinks nothing of manipulating and lying to get something that she could have just asked for?  If she had been a 27 year old crack addict, then you know how to wrap your brain around it.  When it's a 17 year old who wants to do as she pleases but wants to hurt her mother for some unknown reason, I am stumped.

I filled out a police report.  I called and cursed the ex and told him I would have him charged with accessory to burglary.  I spoke her school's principal, guidance counselor and school police officer.  Most importantly though, I spoke to God and I need to speak to Him some more because, although I am getting tired of thinking about it, I still need His guidance to make the right decision on what to do next!

Needing some prayers, please
xoxo Charisse


Christina said...

I'm gonna pray for her. I really am, Charisse.
Tell your baby, to hang in there. So glad you spoke to the school.
I send you hugs.

Adrienne said...

I will keep yall in my prayers ((((HUGS))))

SincerelyGo said...

Oh wow...sounds difficult to deal with. I'll send a prayer up for you honey!



mademoisellechitchat said...

Sweet. Lord. Jesus.

Girl, you and your family are so deep in my prayers.