Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween at Work

People sure do go all out for Halloween, don't they? I, personally, do not get all into it, but that is just the "evil Black woman" coming out of me. Ghosts, goblins, scary things and complete strangers giving my kids candy? OH I am in fight mode! LOL

Anyway, some people here at my job got all dressed up. Some were very creative, like above girls who decided to come out as Cholas, or gangsta girls. Most of them are pretty convincing, don't you think? By the way, they are ALL accountants! LOL I only had on a headband with a little stuff with on it, cute, made noise and that was it.

My kids are gonna have fun tonight trick or treating. We go into the "rich white people area" which is only 3 minutes up the main road from my house (literally, 3 minutes, 6 traffic lights away). These people give out the "good stuff". Whole candy bars, lots of candy, very generous. I like that it is so close and a guaranteed payout, you know.

So I just wanted to say "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" and even if it is a Pagan holiday, it is fun for the kids and if they are happy, I am happy!



Adrienne said...

LOL Looks like y'all have fun at work!

Anonymous said...

Love their costumes LOL!!! Love ya' girl ;o)

Pajnstl said...

I have never been into halloween for real,but if I had kids I would be all in it.