Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spazz Much???

Well, this past month has been absolutely crazy! You know, where there is a man involved! Yeah, that kind of crazy! Can I get a prayer and a hug? I totally need a few! On the good side of it, I have lost a few pounds from the freaking stress but I have not cried so much EVER!!! That's what you get when you think THIS one is the ONE and you get a reality check, again! Now, I am not saying it is all completely over because, as these things go, it isn't completely over. It's getting there though. Been taking a month now and it is tiring to say the least!

I can't even say that I have my sanity intact because I feel like it is actually only hanging on by a string! I have spazzed out, cried out, sobbed, cursed, spazzed again, blocked him from leaving, kicked him out, packed his stuff, brought it back, loaded it up in my van and moved him. That is a lot! Did I mention that I have spazzed? Oh my goodness, I need to make that my credo, "Charisse Will Spazz, Just Give It Time!"

Honestly though, I am tired and emotionally worn out. Is it a phase? Maybe. Does he love me? I actually know he does. Is he worth waiting for? Nah, but it's hard to let go, you know. It is pressing on though, like waiting for that inevitable car crash! Like watching paint dry with fireworks goin on around you! Yeah, crazy, I know but that is what is going on right now in my life.

I sure do live up to my blog name, huh?

Love ya and please pray for me...

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Christina said...

You know I always keep you in my prayers, sis.