Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yeah, I've Been Away for a While But I'm Back Now..

How have y'all been? Good, I hope. My last post dealt with me going to South Carolina for a funeral. All in all, it was a good visit. I spent time with my "family" and really enjoyed myself. I got to get out of NYC and I am all the better for it! I love travelling. It soothes my soul and gets the spiderwebs out of my mind.

But being as I am me, and my life is full of drama, I came home to some drama! Some with Love and some with my oldest daughter. I won't go into details but Love and I are still together and oldest daughter and I are still estranged. Such is this life I lead and the reason for the name of my blog!

Here's what I have been into lately:

I feel in love with the soap and beauty creations that Patrice is making and want her to hurry up and open her Etsy shop so I can buy some stuff.

My girl Christina is so very eloquent and she makes me wish I could just be around her every day waiting for her to share her knowledge and her nurturing spirit with me. Her kids and hubby are definitely blessed.

My creative juices are dry right now so I am loving looking at Sasha's scrapbook pages for inspiration. Hopefully my mojo will kick in soon!

Of course, I can't start or finish my day without being on Facebook! It is such an obsession. I went from having 6 friends to 96 friends in a matter of one week and I am now up to 199! I really didnt know I knew that many people but you know what, I LIKE IT!

Anyway, that is all for now! Talk to you soon!



Christina said...

You are loved, my friend. So glad to see you back. You know we would get in some trouble, with me in NY, right?? lol
Love ya, sis.

Anonymous said...

Ahh glad to see you are doing well and in good health..too bad about the drama with the daughter. I hope those creative juices get to flowing soon I remember a video you'd done and I loved it!