Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I got my review at work today....

I have been at this job for 1 year and I happen to like it. For the most part, things run pretty smoothly so I don't complain much.

We were given the review forms to fill out ourselves (!!) and then we go and sit with our supervisor, who will review our answers and fill out their own answers based on their own findings. Being that I tend to get lazy at times and get sidetracked at work by browsing the internet, I gave myself an overall review of "meeting expectations", as possible to "does not meet expectations" and "exceeds expectations". Well, when I sat with my supervisor, she went through mine really quickly and then went on to give me more "exceeds" than I thought. She joked that she thought higher of me than I did of myself. Hey, when it comes to getting that raise and bonus, HELL YEAH, I need to know that you are looking at me very favorably.

Anyway, she mentioned about the phone and internet use and that I should monitor it, and then that was it. So, Mama Girl (that's me) is gonna get a good bonus, I hope, and hopefully the same will be done with the raise. We haven't sat with the Big Boss yet, but he likes me too! Good news for me and for the kids for Christmas, 'cause they was gonna be out of luck this year, for REAL!!!

One day within the next week, I am gonna fill y'all in on my 3 baby daddies situation! That is drama enough for its own daytime soap opera!



Pajnstl said...

hey great for you @ bonus! Extra unexpeected cash is a real good thing :)

Christina said...

Yay! I'm doing the bonus dance for ya! Congratulations!

Sasha said...

Girl that's wassup on that bonus..and keep ya behind off that phone and internet LOL .. girl we block half the sites here on base, sucks, but we have too .. it is like are you serious LOL..have a good weekend girl and thanks for stoppin through boo ..